WSW: Battle Creek Enquirer Reporter Details Crossroads For School District

Mar 28, 2016

File photo
Credit WMUK

Battle Creek Public Schools faces a crossroads in the face of declining enrollment and tight finances. Battle Creek Enquirer education reporter Safiya Merchant says district officials are trying to find a solution. 

A drop in Battle Creek schools’ enrollment has led to a drop in revenues. Merchant says that has meant dipping into the district’s fund balance.

The State Treasury Department has been monitoring Battle Creek schools’ finances. Merchant says it’s not a guarantee that additional schools will be closed, but the district is working on a reorganization plan that interim superintendent Kim Parker-Devauld says could mean redistributing students throughout the district.

While trying to “right size” the district and stabilize enrollment and finances, Battle Creek schools is under the direction of an interim Superintendent. Merchant says the search is on the back burner for now. Kim Parker-Devauld, has been interim superintendent since Linda Hicks resigned last year. Merchant says Parker-Devauld has indicated she would take the superintendent’s job if it is offered.

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