Southwest Michigan Today: Friday July 5, 2019

Jul 5, 2019

South Haven Pier at Lake Michigan - file photo
Credit WMUK

State lawmakers want to make it easier to get a name change after a divorce. Beach goers are urged to go “plastic free” for the holiday weekend. The Growlers sweep a double header from the Bombers in Kalamazoo. 

(MPRN) Some lawmakers in Lansing say the state’s divorce statute is “archaic” and needs an update. A new bill introduced in the state House would allow anyone to change their name back after a divorce using the Judgment of Divorce. It essentially makes that part of the statute gender neutral. Right now, the act specifies “divorced women.” The bill is waiting for a committee hearing.

(WCMU) For the holiday weekend, the Alliance for the Great Lakes encourages beach-goers that the Great Lakes are not plastic-free. More than 22 million pounds of plastic debris can be found in the Great Lakes, according to researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The group hosts clean up events along the shorelines each year. Spokesperson Jennifer Caddick said they have found that 85 percent of the litter they collect is plastic. She said the remaining 15 percent is a combination of glass, aluminum, bits of paper. The group recommends cutting back on plastic by using reusable water bottles, cutlery and bags and say no thanks to straws.

(WCMU) Michigan lawmakers visited Illinois on Monday to learn more about the Army Corps of Engineers plan to stop Asian Carp from reaching Lake Michigan. Eleven members of Michigan’s congressional delegation visited the Brandon Road Lock and Dam. Officials with the Army Corps of Engineers said the $830 million price tag will be used on acoustic and air-bubble deterrents, among other things. Democratic US Senator Debbie Stabenow was part of the delegation that visited the dam. She said if the carp reach Lake Michigan the results could be devastating. Stabenow said some state support is already in place, but it’s not clear how much Michigan has pledged towards the project.

In baseball, Kalamazoo swept a double header from Battle Creek, 13-1 and 12-7 Thursday at Homer Stryker Field. The Growlers continue their homestand, with double headers again Friday and Saturday against Kokomo. The Bombers are on the road at Traverse City Friday night.