Those V-Shaped Marks On The Pavement? They're Landmarks For A High-Tech Map

Nov 12, 2020

A chevron at Moreland and Paddington Streets in the Milwood neighborhood
Credit Andrew Robins / WMUK

Chevrons, big and little, single and in groups, have recently appeared on streets around Kalamazoo. Though they might look like obscure traffic symbols, in fact they have nothing to do with drivers, motorists or pedestrians.

Instead they’re there to help Consumers Energy map its gas lines and equipment, company spokesman Roger Morgenstern told WMUK.

Morgenstern said contractors for Consumers are working on a detailed rendering of the utility’s gas infrastructure, using technology known as mobile LiDAR. The chevrons will help the contractors to measure distances with high accuracy.

Morgenstern said the map will help the company plan future improvements such as “additional service, maybe bigger lines, maybe replacing older lines, and just looking at making it as efficient for our operations as possible.”

“But any future gas work, any construction is not expected until at least 2022. This is part of the initial planning stages,” he added.

Morgenstern says the company will paint over the marks after the survey concludes, sometime in the next few months.

A different style of chevron on West Maple Street near Stearns Avenue in Kalamazoo earlier this week
Credit Sehvilla Mann / WMUK