WSW: The Story Of Women And Islam

Aug 28, 2017

Farha Faiz, a Supreme Court lawyer, speaks to media after the apex court declared "Triple Talaq", a Muslim practice that allows men to instantly divorce their wives, unconstitutional in its verdict, in New Delhi, India, Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017
Credit Altaf Qadri / The Associated Press

Leenah Safi says part of Islam’s worldview is that women have to be held in high esteem. She says all religions aim for an ideal, but often fall short.

Safi is one of the chaplains for the Felicity Foundation, based at the University of Michigan. Safi says the organization provides Muslim student spiritual services at U-M, as well as Wayne State and Eastern Michigan University. We turned to Safi for a discussion on women and Islam in response to one of the questions and comments submitted by our audience.

Safi says women’s story is told throughout the Quran. She says at times that includes misogyny, and stories of how prophets responded. Safi says when considering how women are treated in some majority Muslim nations it’s important to separate cultural practices from religious teachings.

With any religion, Safi says there will be differences of opinion on interpreting its teachings. She says some principles are sacred in Islam, such as human life and respecting family. Safi says the life of the Prophet Mohammad is a commentary of the Quran. She says women play an important role in Mohammad’s life, including his wife. But Safi says there are also stories of women in business and women on the battle field.