American Museum of Magic

31 Flavors of Magic Festival

The Village of Colon hosts its fifth annual "31 Flavors of Magic Festival" on Saturday, April 27, 2019. It's organized by the local chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Two Michigan Cities Hold Houdini Seances

Dec 15, 2016
Local magicians and magic fans sat around a shrine to Houdini during the seance. The metal container in the middle is a milk can Houdini used in a few of his tricks.
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

This past Halloween, two cities in Michigan both held séances to try to conjure the spirit of the famous magician Harry Houdini on the 90th anniversary of his death. The city of Colon’s séance was held during a comedy magic show. The one in Marshall was at the local magic museum. WMUK's Adia Robbins went there to check it out:

Magician Ron Carnell of Colon regularly performs at the American Museum of Magic.
American Museum of Magic

Recently the American Museum of Magic in Marshall had a secret visitor - a famous illusionist. Museum Administrator Keli Hindenach says she’s not allowed to release the name of the magician. All she can say is that he’s from “outside the continental U.S.” 

In the Woods, A Camp for Young Magicians

Aug 28, 2015
Robbie Feinberg

When you hear "magic," what image goes through your head? Probably a big theatre, with a man standing center stage. Tux, white gloves, top hat, you know the deal. What you likely wouldn’t imagine is a little camp in the middle of the woods. Yet, drive down a short, gravel road in Marshall, and you'll be in for a surprise.

Magic Museum Full of Surprises, Not Secrets

Oct 6, 2014
American Museum of Magic Director Jeff Taylor stands in front of a large milk can Houdini escaped from in one of his acts.
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

The American Museum of Magic in downtown Marshall looks like any other storefront. But inside there’s a collection more eclectic and more thorough than anything you’ll see in the country.