City of Kalamazoo


What do Kalamazoo residents want the city look like in 2025, and how can it happen? A 15 month process to develop a new master plan has been trying to answer those questions.

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Kalamazoo City Commissioners have more work ahead of them as they near a final vote on a permanent endowment for the city. The groundbreaking plan would use private donations to fix the city’s finances.

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The city also plans to switch to single-stream recycling.

Streets and parks in the City of Kalamazoo will get an update thanks in part to a large private donation the city received last year. On Monday, city commissioners agreed to spend $1,470,000 from the Foundation for Excellence for the work.

Among other things, the city plans updates for three parks, Davis, Rockwell and Frays. It’ll also add a sidewalk along part of Woodward Avenue and catch up with tree trimming and removal on the North Side.

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

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Kalamazoo City officials say they may rethink a decision to cut back on bulk trash pick-ups. The city cut the number of trash collections from once-a-month to six times a year in 2016 to save money. But Kalamazoo County Drain Commissioner Pat Crowley says that's hurt the environment, and neighborhoods. Crowley spoke to city commissioners on Monday, June 19.

"With the cutback from monthly city bulk pick-ups, contractors, landlords, and regular citizens are simply skipping out on their legal obligations and choosing to dump on others."