law enforcement

The state plans to take over and expand an existing program so police agencies can share and access information about more residents.

City of Battle Creek

The City of Battle Creek has a new interim police chief. The city announced Tuesday that Detective Jim Blocker will take over the department following former chief Jackie Hampton's retirement last month. Deputy Battle Creek Police Chief Jim Saylor has initially been picked to replace Hampton while the search for a permanent chief was underway way. But Saylor and city officials later agreed that he should step aside because he was considering jobs in other cities.

Springfield chose to contract out road patrols to cut costs

Experts aren't exactly sure why, although they point to several possible factors, like more people at home because they don't have jobs and a drop in the number of young men, the group most likely to break the law.


A stretch of I-94 in Van Buren County could be named in honor of a Michigan State Police trooper who was killed in the line of duty.