Courtesy of Jim Lommasson

An exhibit coming to Kalamazoo features photos of the items refugees brought to the United States. Photographer Jim Lommasson says it’s also a story about what people left behind.

Culture, Gentrification Of Harlem Shown In KIA Exhibits

Feb 15, 2018
A boy stands in front of the Loews theater in Harlem, New York
Dawoud Bey

Photographer and MacArthur Fellow Dawoud Bey has a connection with Harlem, New York. His parents met there, he spent a lot of time there as a kid, and even though he’s lived in Chicago for the past 20 years — he still comes back to visit. But within those two decades, Bey has watched the neighborhood change. He says the culture that made Harlem, Harlem has started to disappear. 

No Dark In Sight: A Photo Exhibit On Light Pollution

Jan 11, 2018

For a while now, Bill Davis has been having trouble sleeping.

“I found myself waking up a lot at night and not necessarily always knowing why,” said the Western Michigan University associate professor of art.

Photo Art Project Shows Faces Of Edison Neighborhood

Aug 3, 2017
William Pitts stands across the street from the photo art project "We Are Edison." His portrait is on the old Color Lab building along with many of his neighbors.
Fran Dwight

In Kalamazoo’s Washington Square area, a happy scream emits from a car driving down Portage Street. William Pitts and a friend hurry to park by the old Color Lab building.

“I was just telling my friend that my picture should be up on the wall and stuff. And she was like, ‘For real?’” says Pitts.

Photo Exhibit Shows The Complexity That Is Cuba

Aug 4, 2016

Two years ago, President Obama made history when he reestablished relations with Cuba - a country the U.S. had embargoed since the Cold War. What once was forbidden territory for most Americans has now become a tourist destination.