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Western Esports Center Draws Fans As Well As Critics

Mar 28, 2018

Sports are synonymous with America, and when you think of sports the first thing that may come to mind is football or baseball. But a new sport is growing in America — Esports — and Western is planning to use $500,000 dollars to turn the Little Theater into a brand new Esports Arena. 

Supporters and opponents of the Paw Paw "Redskins" at a school board meeting in February
Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Linda Cypret-Kilbourne says the name Redskins turns her stomach. One of the founders of the Michigan Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media says the name comes from the scalping of Native American people when there were bounties on their heads, money was paid for the scalps of men, women and children.

Reliving Those Dodgeball Days

Nov 29, 2017
Amir Muhammad / WMUK

Nothing brings people together quite like sports. And the Kalamazoo Sport and Social Club founded five years ago gives people a chance to play games they love and to connect with each other. That includes what might seem like an unlikely sport: dodgeball.

Courtesy of Western Michigan University

Notre Dame’s legendary coach Knute Rockne said he had never seen a better punter than Sam Dunlap. Fielding Yost said his University of Michigan team couldn’t slow Dunlap down, much less stop him at running back.

Waldo Stadium - file photo

Western Michigan University Athletic Director Kathy Beauregard says last football season was “a dream come true” for the Broncos, but she says the dream doesn’t stop.