Bottled water is distributed in Parchment due to high levels of PFAS - file photo
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The Executive Director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters says state lawmakers should try to get to the bottom of why a report showing the dangers of PFASes wasn’t released to the public for nearly six years.


John Bizon says much has been done to improve Michigan’s economy. But he says the state still faces problems in health care, transportation and education.

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Aric Nesbitt spent six years in the state House and just over a year as Michigan Lottery Commissioner. The Republican from Lawton hopes to work reducing auto insurance rates, improving roads and getting rid of sanctuary cities.

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Alberta Griffin says when she felt like she didn’t have a voice she decided to run for state House to help write the laws for others who also don’t have a voice.

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This is a story of when the power of social media meets the desire to do good. Jeremy Cole, 32, rescues dilapated homes in Kalamazoo County. He'd post before-and-after pictures on Facebook. One day, the licensed builder shared a light-hearted video about his restoration work. Stanley Steppes, a local independent filmmaker with whom Cole attended Kalamazoo Central High School, saw it and convinced Cole to let him do a YouTube series on him. A Detroit film production company executive was "tagged," liked it, and dreamed even bigger. His firm turned it into a show for the DIY network. Now HGTV is giving "Gritty to Pretty" a trial run this fall.