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Conversations with creators and organizers of the arts scene in West Michigan, hosted by Cara Lieurance

Nefesh Mountain brings "Light and Love" tour to Kalamazoo

Doni Zazloff and Eric Lindberg of Nefesh Mountain
Courtesy photo
Doni Zazloff and Eric Lindberg of Nefesh Mountain

The innovated bluegrass/Americana duo Nefesh Mountain has brought their culturally Jewish melodies, stories and language to American roots music since 2014, to the delight and encouragement of fellow bluegrass-style musicians in Nashville and elsewhere. In a conversation with Cara Lieurance, founders Doni Zazloff and Eric Lindberg say they have a tradition of touring in December's Hannukah season, and this year, their mission of sharing love and light is more important than ever.

More information on their tour, with links to tickets, is at the Nefesh Mountain website. Their group performs at 7 pm on Tuesday, Dec 5 at the Congregation of Moses in Kalamazoo.

Cara Lieurance is the local host of NPR's All Things Considered on 1021 WMUK and covers local arts & culture on Let's Hear It on 89.9 Classical WMUK weekday mornings at 10 - 11 am.