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Consumers Energy will install 200 EV chargers in Michigan

An electric vehicle is plugged in at an EV charger installed by Consumers Energy in a parking lot in Rogers City.
Courtesy photo
Brian Wheeler/Consumers Energy
An electric vehicle is charging up at a EV charging station installed by Consumers Energy in a parking lot in Rogers City.

Electric vehicle registrations in Michigan have increased by nearly 60 percent in the past year. As a result, Consumers Energy will help install 200 EV chargers around the state.

Consumers Energy has sponsored over 200 public electric vehicle chargers in Michigan over the past couple of years. Now it says it’ll pay for another 200 charging stations.

With registration of electric vehicles on the rise, Consumers is looking to expand the network of EV chargers available for public use. It’s offering rebates for local governments to buy chargers.  

Consumers will help pay for up to 100 fast charging stations which can charge an electric vehicle in under a half an hour.

Brian Wheeler is a spokesman for the utility.

"Most of the fast chargers that we put in place will be near highways or well-traveled roads. So, the goal is that they will convenient and easy for people so that they can power their battery and keep going." Wheeler said.

The company plans to finish installing the stations within the next two years.

"What we’re really doing is expanding and building out the charging network so that if you own an electric vehicle, you are confident that you really can go anywhere in the lower peninsula and have a place to charge." Wheeler said.

Wheeler predicts there will be 1 million electric vehicles registered in the state by 2030. He says EV registrations in Michigan increased by nearly 60 percent in the past year. 

"People understand that this is good for the planet, but they also see that electricity and EV’s can be much more affordable to own and operate than traditional gas-powered vehicles." Wheeler said.

Consumers Energy is providing rebates for EV chargers for home use as well.

"If it’s a fast charger we will provide up to 70,000 dollars, if you’re getting a charger for your home vehicle in your garage for example, we’ll provide up to 500 dollars." Wheeler said.

Wheeler said he encourages people to contact Consumers Energy with any questions regarding electric vehicle chargers and the rebates available for them.