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Drive and Shine zoning request rescheduled for March

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Leona Larson
Drive and Shine would like to build a car wash on a wooded lot adjacent to Kalamazoo's Asylum Lake Preserve.

The car wash chain wants to build a car wash on a piece of property next to the Asylum Lake nature preserve.

The Drive and Shine carwash chain has postponed a controversial zoning request.

Drive and Shine owns an undeveloped parcel of land adjacent to the Asylum Lake nature preserve. In 2020, the city denied the company’s request to rezone the land, which would have cleared the way for a car wash.

But Drive and Shine hasn’t given up. Its new request, previously scheduled to be heard this month, has been rescheduled for March. The city’s master plan envisions commercial development on the site.

The Asylum Lake Preservation Association said in an email to supporters that it plans to continue organizing community opposition to the project. It cites concerns about groundwater runoff as well as light and noise pollution.

According to the email, several members of the group met with Haji Tehrani, owner of the Drive and Shine carwash chain. The email states that Tehrani “is determined to proceed with his request to the Planning Commission and plans to sue the city if his request is not granted.” It also says he stated that his asking price for the property is $15 million.

City planner Christina Anderson said she does not know why Drive and Shine postponed its request until March. The Asylum Lake Preservation Association declined to comment, and Drive and Shine did not respond to a request for comment.