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The Michigan GOP will meet this weekend to decide whether to oust chair Kristina Karamo

Karamo, wearing a dark jacket and shirt, speaks while standing at a lectern with a clear tilted top and a "MIGOP" logo across the front in red. A large flag forms a backdrop behind her. A woman standing to the right wears a bright blue dress and appears to be speaking, with her eyes closed. She has long hair.
Joey Cappelletti/AP
Kristina Karamo speaks to Michigan Republican Party delegates Feb. 18, 2023, in Lansing.

Karamo's critics say she has failed the party at a critical time.

(MPRN) The Michigan Republican Party’s governing board meets this coming weekend to decide whether to remove state GOP chair Kristina Karamo.

Karamo’s critics within the party say that not only has she failed at fundraising and organizing and lost ownership of the party’s headquarters, she’s also driven wedges instead of uniting factions needed to win elections – with a lot at stake in November.

Jon Rocha sits on the Michigan Republican State Central Committee. He said Karamo and her allies are attempting a unilateral takeover.

“We’re done with it. We’re done and it’s time for her to go," he said.

Rocha added that Karamo and a small group of allies are trying to seize control of the party.

"There’s massive changes being made by the state party or attempted by leadership that would usurp control of the people of the party to a unilateral, authoritative control from the top few people in leadership," he said.

Rocha said he thinks there are enough votes to put the question up for debate but he’s not as sure there is the supermajority necessary to remove her.

In a text, Karamo said the effort to oust her violates state party rules.