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Climate activists plan to build snow people and animals in Kalamazoo Friday

A snow person waving "hello" with one arm and leaves for eyes.
Kalloli Bhatt
A snow person on Western Michigan University's campus, Thursday, January 18, 2024.

The event will draw attention to an "endangered species," the snowman.

Two Kalamazoo groups will join forces to protest inaction on climate change at a wintery event in Bronson Park in downtown Kalamazoo.

Members of the Ardea Youth Climate Coalition and the Citizens' Climate Lobby intend to build various snow creatures in a place where many people will see them.

The groups will put signs next to the sculptures during the event.

Mia Breznau and Eddie Anderson are members of the Ardea Youth Climate Coalition. Breznau said snow people are an "endangered species" because of climate change.

“That’s a big part of my childhood, Eddie’s childhood and lots of other children’s childhood that we don’t want to get rid of yet,” said Breznau.

Anderson said the main goal is to raise awareness through a creative effort.

“We’re hoping to get the snow critters all over the park — and more closer to the center — so you can see them from all sides,” said Anderson.

Mary Ann Renz is with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. She said the groups will try to build many mini-snowmen or a few bigger ones, depending on the consistency of the snow.

“I don’t know what the snow will be like,” said Renz. "I think it will depend on that. The more the better.”

This protest is part of a nation-wide effort by the Citizens' Climate Lobby to draw attention to an overall decline in snowfall.