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X marks the tree, accidentally

A large, leafy tree has a bright pink X on its trunk. There is a brick wall behind that and beyond it, a glass-and-steel building in a low slung mid-century style. A banner for an arts fair, light and traffic poles, a street sign and other trees are also visible
Melissa Dancy
The downtown Kalamazoo oak tree with an "X," photographed June 4, 2024.

An X typically means a tree is destined for removal, but the City of Kalamazoo says a large oak tree downtown is not in danger.

A large pink X marks an old oak tree in downtown Kalamazoo, in a case of mistaken identity.

The tree stands on Park Street next to the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. It looks healthy, but what about the X on its trunk? An X typically means a tree is destined for removal.

City of Kalamazoo spokesperson Michael Smith says the tree does not have a date with a chainsaw. He says due to a clerical error, it was mistaken for another tree which has been removed.

The city did not clarify whether it will remove the X from the oak tree. For now there is an extra pop of color on the corner of Park and Lovell streets.