Go On A Sound Walk with WMU Soundscape Ecologists

Oct 2, 2014

Dr. Sharon Gill (far right) gives listeners some tips before the group sets out on the first soundwalk in June
Credit Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy

There are so many sounds that we tune out every day. It could be car traffic, the TV in the other room, the hum of a light bulb.

But an educational hike put on by the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy seeks to help you pay attention to every decibel of the outdoors. Soundscape ecologists Dr. Sharon Gill and Rachel Stiening from Western Michigan University will be leading a sound walk through Chipman Preserve in Comstock Township Saturday at 10 a.m.

Reserve your spot now, space is limited. If the tour is full, the Land Conservancy will arrange more sound hikes this season.