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Kalamazoo hosts the 50th Square and Round Dance Convention this weekend

Michigan Square and Round Dance Clubs

The 50th Michigan Square and Round Dance Convention will be held this weekend at the Kalamazoo Radisson.

Square dancers often wear Western style costumes. Dancer and event organizer Vickie Stewart says men generally wear long sleeved shirts so they can offer a clean, sweat-free arm to their dance partner. According to Stewart, Square dance was popularized in Michigan by Henry Ford in the 1900s. As a result, Detroit has one of the oldest square dance clubs in the country.

During the convention, Stewart says regular dancers will dance from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day. She says she has a standard response for people who say they can’t dance.

“If you can walk, you can square dance,” We do get a little flashy now and then, but it’s a series of steps, movements that are called by a caller. He will tell us what steps to do and we learn those steps by taking classes. “

Vickie Stewart is a dancer and the organizer of the 50th Michigan Square and Round Dance Convention at the Kalamazoo Radisson this weekend. Spectators and dancers are welcome.

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