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Conversations with creators and organizers of the arts scene in West Michigan, hosted by Cara Lieurance

Original music with true tango soul: Pedro Giraudo Quartet to play for Connecting Chords Fest

The Pedro Giraudo Quartet
Federico Rodriguez Caldentey
The Pedro Giraudo Quartet

At 7:00 pm on Tuesday, Oct 24 at the Wellspring Theatre of the Epic Center, the NY-based Pedro Giraudo Quartet will perform music that celebrates where tango has been and where it is going. Although Giraudo was born to a musical family in Argentina, the birthplace of tango, he tells Cara Lieurance that his deeper exploration of this music started when he moved to New York. Both jazz and tango became serious pursuits, as did composing.

The conversation turns to the influence of Astor Piazzolla, who is credited with reviving the fading dance form and elevating it to concert music. Giraudo and the band's bandoneon player, Rodolfo Zanetti, have deep respect for his music and performances. Lieurance says some classical performers add Piazzolla's music to their programs without really understanding enough about what they're playing. Even though this is true, says Giraudo, the popularization of Piazzolla's music around the world is good for music.

Tickets and more information are available at the Connecting Chords Music Festival website.

Cara Lieurance is the local host of NPR's All Things Considered on 1021 WMUK and covers local arts & culture on Let's Hear It on 89.9 Classical WMUK weekday mornings at 10 - 11 am.