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Blog: My Desktop Moment


Before I came to work at WMUK several years ago I was aware of what is called a “Driveway Moment”. You might have had this experience- you hear a national or local story, or perhaps a piece of music, that is so riveting you’re sorry you arrived home so soon. You sit in the car and try to remind yourself its time to turn off the engine and go inside- but you can’t. 

I’ve had a lot of driveway moments while at WMUK. The most recent, however, wasn’t in a driveway. It with a radio at my desk here in my office at WMUK. I was listening to Cara Lieurance’s superb mid-morning interview with guest artists flugelhorn player Dimitri Matheny and bassist Tom Knific, from the WMU School of Music.

As the two performers described that evening’s performance slated for the Dalton Recital Hall at WMU, I was enthralled by the professionalism of both musicians and the interviewer. Then Cara played selections from the Matheny’s soon to be released album. I was transported from work on my computer screen to a jazz noir landscape where time stood still. Then the phone rang.

Because the call was not an emergency, I was able to tell the caller I would get back to them shortly. I did so later on with no guilt. I didn’t want to miss a word of the interview or a moment of the music. When you listen at your desk, like I do, these driveway or desktop moments can be an occupational hazard. I confess it’s a hazard that I frequently seek and find on WMUK.

These moments underscore the essential nature of our service at WMUK. These are the very moments we remember and cherish so long because they hold us and hold us so closely. You don’t need a driveway to experience them. They’re unexpected and can happen anywhere and anytime.

I hope the next time you enjoy such a WMUK moment you’ll make a mental note of the essential role this service plays in your life. I’ve done so hundreds of times.

Gordon Bolar was WMUK's General Manager from 2011 to 2016. He joined the station in 2006 as Development Director. After retiring as General Manager, Gordon has continued to review theater for WMUK.