Gordon Bolar | WMUK

Gordon Bolar

Gordon Bolar was WMUK's General Manager from 2011 to 2016. He joined the station in 2006 as Development Director. After retiring as General Manager, Gordon has continued to review theater for WMUK. 

Becky Klose / Farmers Alley Theatre

Farmers Alley Theatre's production of Murder For Two: Holiday Edition runs through Dec 12. WMUK’s Gordon Bolar has this review.

Mark Bugnaski / WMU Theater

The Western Michigan University Theatre’s production of “Into the Woods” plays in the York Courtyard Theatre through October 10. WMUK’s Gordon Bolar has this review.

From time to time at the end of our fiscal year, WMUK reevaluates the performance and the renewal of programs we acquire and broadcast. This year our reevaluation process took into consideration the departure of a long-time host. On July 2nd, Garrison Keillor, the host of "A Prairie Home Companion" for several decades will retire the Saturday night program that has become a staple for many in our listening audience. 

It Only Takes A Moment to Make Your Gift & New Member Incentive:

Our listeners and members are not shy about sharing their opinions with me on WMUK pledge drives. Their sentences generally start with the words "I might not like pledge drives, but . . ," and then conclude with a compliment that WMUK always lets our audience know what our goal is, where we stand- and most importantly we stop when we reach our goal. 

The events of the weekend of February 20 and 21 focused national attention on Kalamazoo. Unfortunately, the shootings brought the kind of notoriety that no one desires. But when news of this nature does break and needs to be told, I am pleased that WMUK News is there to respond. Most importantly, I was proud that this national news story was told by and/or with the help and input of those who live here in our community- our WMUK News Staff.