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A Taste of Winter for a Michigan Newcomer!


Greetings Friends,

As a recent transplant to Michigan, I've so far been enjoying the friendly hospitality of the area and (up until now) balmy temperatures. But I experienced my first Michigan snow this past weekend. And this particular morning, I got my first real taste of a Michigan winter as I walked into my office from our parking lot. It was a bone-chilling 25 degrees outside! Far colder than anything I'm accustomed to around this time of year.

As I stepped into our lobby, shaking off the cold, I happened to comment on how unbelievably frigid it was outside. One of my colleagues looks at me with a pitying expression and said quite soberly, "No, it's not cold ... Not yet." So my acclimation to Southwest Michigan weather enters a new and interesting phase!

All humor aside, one thing that warms me up on days like today is the continued support of our WMUK listeners and members. It's thanks to you that we were able to get within striking distance of our $175,000 fall drive goal. You answered our last minute calls for help. As a fan of Tolkien, I can proudly say that we sounded the horns, calling for aid ... and our listeners answered. Thank you! 

As we enter the Thanksgiving holiday, there is also the inevitable shopping frenzy that follows ... Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But I hope you will also spare a thought for WMUK 102.1 FM on #GivingTuesday, which is November 29, 2016.

It is a great time to make a small (or large) online gift, especially as you consider your tax-deductible year-end donations.

Thanks again to all of our listeners and supporters. You are the best part of WMUK.

Warmly (literally and figuratively),


Stephen Williams replaces WMUK's retiring general manager Gordon Bolar starting July 1st. Since 2011, Williams has served as the general manager for WESM, a public radio station in Princess Anne, Maryland. The station is in collaboration with the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Much like WMUK, WESM has a mix of news and music programming.