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A Michigan Elector Gives Us An Inside Look

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

What was it like to be an elector during one of the most closely watched votes in the nation? We got an inside look during a live interview today with WMUK's Local Morning Edition Host Earlene McMichael and Mark Miller, one of Michigan's 16 electors. All voted Monday for President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

Credit Kalamazoo Township website
Mark Miller during his swearing-in as Kalamazoo Township Clerk.

Miller is Kalamazoo Township Clerk and a Democrat. He said this was his first time as an elector. He served as protests took place outside Michigan's State Capitol building in Lansing, where the ballotting took place. That and the state's other capitol buildings were closed yesterday due to security reasons with electors allowed to enter to vote.

Miller said he had no idea demonstrations had occurred until he watched them on the news later. Asked by McMichael if he worried about his safety at any point during the proceedings, he said that law enforcement made him feel protected.

McMichael also asked him his thoughts on continuing to use the Electoral College to elect the president. Miller said he very much enjoyed the pomp and circumstance of being an elector, but he believes it's time America joins other countries in choosing its highest elected leader by popular vote.

Click on the audio to hear why and much more.