Bike Safety Discussed In Kalamazoo

Jan 15, 2020

Memorial for five bicyclists who were killed near Kalamazoo when an impaired driver hit them in 2016
Credit WMUK

A new approach to bike safety in Kalamazoo is on the agenda for a meeting Thursday, January 16. "Driving Change" is a public safety awareness campaign Grand Rapids aimed at reducing traffic accidents involving bicyclists. Bike groups will meet with state and local officials to talk about a similar program in Kalamazoo.

Paul Seldon is the president of the group Bike Friendly Kalamazoo.

“I know one of MDOT’s major goals is to have what they call ‘zero crashes.’ They want to get to a point where use of the roads is as safe as absolutely possible.”

Seldon says one issue is dealing with distracted drivers and those who are impaired.

“Wherever you have vulnerable road users, you have a need for, especially motorists, to be on the lookout and to operate their vehicles safely around those vulnerable users.”

The meeting sponsored by MDOT and Bike Friendly Kalamazoo starts at 10:30 a.m. at MDOT's regional office, 1501 East Kilgore Road, in Kalamazoo.

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