Saugatuck Fest Presents Savory 'Czech Mix' Program

Jul 19, 2017

The Woman's Club of Saugatuck
Credit Chamber Music Festival of Saugatuck, via Facebook

Drew Le, pianist and co-director of the Chamber Music Festival of Saugatuck with his wife, violinist Jennifer Walvoord, says that for the 30th season of the festival, they stuck to their successful combination of concerts featuring west Michigan musicians, with two exceptions - the New York-based Claremont Trio and Chicago-based Kontras Quartet. Some quaint traditions, such as cash-only admission, linger as well. Free admission for students with ID on Fridays is a new feature.

Le describes the character of each work on the program, from the extroverted Dvorak Quintet, Op 81 to the anguished Trio in G minor by Bedrich Smetana.  For more information, visit the Chamber Music Festival of Saugatuck website.

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