WestSouthwest: Mark Schauer running for governor

Jul 16, 2013

Mark Schauer
Credit WMUK

Battle Creek Democrat Mark Schauer sits down for this week's version of WestSouthwest. 

Schauer served six years in the state House and six years in the state Senate before winning a seat in Congress in 2008. He served a district that stretched from Calhoun County to just outside Ann Arbor and included counties along Michigan's southern border. But Schauer was defeated in 2010 by Tim Walberg, the Republican he had unseated two years earlier. 

Now Schauer has launched a campaign for governor. He is the only major party candidate so far to announce that he is running. Governor Snyder has not formally started his re-election campaign, but he is expected to seek another term. Schauer appears to be the Democrats' choice to take on Snyder next year. Other Democrats such as former Congressman Bart Stupak and state Representative Vicky Barnett considered a gubernatorial campaign, but instead backed Schauer for the party's nomination.

In the WestSouthwest interview Schauer talks with WMUK's Gordon Evans, Battle Creek Enquirer reporter Jennifer Bowman and MLive Kalamazoo reporter Alex Mitchell. They discuss his campaign, education, environmental issues and regulations on marijuana.