WSW: America's Past Time In Paw Paw

Jun 5, 2019

Credit WMUK

A new exhibit on the history of baseball in Paw Paw includes bats, balls, scorecards and other items. Village Council President Roman Plaszczak says former major league all-star Charlie Maxwell has donated bats, gloves and one of the uniforms he wore for the Detroit Tigers.

Maxwell will be the special guest for the opening of the exhibit on Sunday June 9th from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Carnegie Center in Paw Paw. Maxwell played 14 years in the majors, including six full seasons, and parts of two others with the Tigers. Among his nicknames was “Paw Paw” for his hometown.

Maxwell is among 11 men from Paw Paw who have played in the major or minor leagues. The Killefer brothers, Wade and Bill, were the first two men from the town to play in the majors in 1907 and 1909 respectively. Plaszczak says others from Paw Paw played college baseball.

WestSouthwest Brief with Roman Plaszczak 

The exhibit Past Times: in Paw Paw: a History of Baseball in Our Hometown will end September 8th. Plaszczak says that’s about the time that the Wine and Harvest Festival ends in Paw Paw. It’s also the time of year when the major league baseball season is winding down.