WSW: Can Earth Day Lead To 101,000 "Acts Of Green?"

Apr 17, 2019

Credit WMUK

Western Michigan University History Professor David Benac says the solutions to climate change have to be innovative and big. He says Earth Day is a good time to think about the future of communities and neighborhoods. 

Benac says every great change in the country was thought to be impossible “until people made it happen.” Kalamazoo’s Earth Day celebration will run from noon until 5:00p.m. on Saturday April 20th in Bronson Park. 

This year’s Earth Day in Kalamazoo is promoting the idea of 101,000 “acts of green.” Benac says the number comes from the number of households in Kalamazoo County. He says an “act of green” is an organized event based on the environment and sustainability. Benac says Earth Day is not just about doing things for the Earth, but creating community involvement around those issues.

WestSouthwest Brief with David Benac

Benac ran for Congress in 2018, and highlighted the issues of climate change and the environment. He did not win the Democratic nomination, which went to Matt Longjohn. The Western professor says he won’t run for Congress in 2020. Benac says he is glad to see State Representative Jon Hoadley has announced he will run for Congress. Benac says the Kalamazoo Democrat has his support for U.S. House. Benac says he’s not ruling running for another office, but says he hasn’t made a decision about next year.