WSW: What New Buildings And Redevelopment Tell Us About Kalamazoo

Jan 23, 2019

Credit WMUK

Writer Ben Lando says he wanted to focus on three key developments in Kalamazoo “that I thought personally were cool” and give a snap shot of what developer PlazaCorp is doing in the city. Lando’s article  Building Skyscapers and Saving History appears in the January edition of Encore Magazine. 

PlazaCorp is involved in several high profile projects in Kalamazoo. Lando says in addition to big new structures like the Exchange Building in downtown Kalamazoo, the company has also redeveloped several properties around the city.

A proposed development of the old Gibson Guitar factory includes plans for a museum celebrating Kalamazoo’s guitar and music history, plus a hotel, music venue, brewery and restaurant. Lando says people will be able to see how the finishing touches are put on instruments made by the Heritage Guitar Company. The company is also working on two hotels on the site of the Rose Street Market.

WestSouthwest Brief with Ben Lando

Lando found that leaders in the Edison Neighborhood are happy with the results. Old buildings have been preserved and cleaned up. Those developments have brought services to the area, and made it convenient for area residents. Lando found a different reaction in the Northside neighborhood. He says economic development officials there are focusing on their own projects.