Kalamazoo County

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Kalamazoo County will reboot its Veterans Affairs Committee. That’s after the state attorney general’s office found that the county cannot legally dissolve the board.

Gerry Broome / AP Photo

Health officials in Kalamazoo County are calling for more regulation of some water wells. Right now, non-drinking wells that draw less than 70 gallons per minute do not need a permit. The state does set rules for wells that pull more than that volume.

Patrick Sison / AP Photo

Kalamazoo County Board members have expressed interest in joining a lawsuit against manufacturers of opioid drugs. Local governments around the country are seeking damages for the costs of fighting the opioid epidemic. Those governments have also sought to change drug companies’ marketing of opioids.

Patrick Semansky / AP Photo

Should Kalamazoo County levy a tax to help fund services for seniors? Voters will have a chance to decide in August. The County Commission voted 6 to 5 along party lines on Tuesday to put the question on the ballot during the primary.

The proposed rate is 0.35 mills, expiring after six years. A homeowner with a taxable property value of $100,000 would pay about $35 annually.

Kalamazoo County’s majority-Democratic Commission will again be led by a Democrat. On Tuesday, the 11-member Board elected Stephanie Moore as its chair. Moore is the first African-American to lead the Commission.