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Recently you shared what you would like to know about climate change in our region. (If you have not reached out yet, we would love to hear from you!) In our first report, we'll tackle these questions: “What are the primary sources of greenhouse gases in Southwest Michigan, and what can we do to cut our emissions?”

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The name Cooper turns up all over Kalamazoo County. There’s Cooper Township, Cooper Avenue in Kalamazoo Township, Cooper’s Island in Schoolcraft. It's not an accident. 

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Mount Ever-Rest is different from Kalamazoo’s other cemeteries, and Jeff Sarnacki wants to know why.

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WMUK's news team is getting ready for Election Day. As we plan our coverage, we're wondering: What would you like to know about Michigan's 2018 elections? Share your questions below!


Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

“If we get all the way to Decatur I’ll know we’ve passed it, but I think this might be it right here. Yep, that’s it right here!”