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Ed Andrieski / AP Photo

Western Michigan University sociologist Ron Kramer no longer uses the term “climate change.” He calls it the "climate crisis."

Gary Yonkers Photography

Almost thirty years ago, Valentina Velkova stood at the window of a high-rise apartment in Chicago, gazing out at Lake Michigan. She had come from Bulgaria to attend an international architectural conference.

Paul Gobble Photography + Design

Eric Joseph lives in the past. When he works in his Richland studio, he creates art inspired by the Middle Ages.

Bonnie J. Heath

When she was a student at Western Michigan University, Anissa Gray dreamed of making a living as a creative writer. But she soon realized that journalism was a more practical alternative.

Copyright Pamela Hadley

When Pamela Hadley walks into a dark room, she sees things. A sliver of light. The curve of a shadow.