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City Backs Kalamazoo Schools and County IDs

Kalamazoo City Hall - file photo. Photo by Sehvilla Mann, WMUK
Sehvilla Mann

Support for keeping two Kalamazoo elementary schools open continues to grow. Kalamazoo City commissioners approved a resolution Monday, Feb. 20, urging the state not to close them.

Washington Writers Academy and Woodward School for Technology and Research are on a list of 38 public schools in Michigan that could be closed because of low student test scores. But Kalamazoo Public School officials plan to sue the State School Reform Office in Lansing to prevent it from closing the schools. Some city commissioners say the city should file an "amicus" brief supporting the lawsuit.

Kalamazoo City commissioners are on board with the idea of a countywide photo ID. They also approved a resolution supporting that proposal.

Kalamazoo County commissioners have appointed a special task force to study the proposal. It's modeled on IDs issued by Washtenaw County. Supporters of the Kalamazoo County plan say local ID cards help people who can't afford to get the documents needed for a state ID. They also say it would help people who can't get them because they aren't US citizens.

People without photo IDs can't open bank accounts, check out library books, or take care of other needs.

The county task force on the issue will deliver its report by March 21.

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