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WMU vax rates are up since October, but not by much

A vial of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine sits on a pale blue tabletop
Jessica Hill
AP Photo

The COVID vaccination rate at Western Michigan University has ticked up just a little in the last few weeks. That’s according to data the school published on Monday.

It shows an increase of about 2 percent for staff, 1.5 percent for on-campus students and less than one percent for faculty, when compared with the rates shared on WMU’s COVID-19 dashboard Oct. 25.

At that point faculty had already reached a vaccination level of 96 percent, the highest rate on campus. Staff were 83.5 percent vaccinated and on-campus students were 81.8 percent vaccinated.

Now, 96.6 percent of faculty have had the shot, as have 85.1 percent of staff and 83 percent of on-campus students.

Western has not mandated COVID vaccination. In an email, WMU spokeswoman Paula Davis said the university “continues to strongly encourage all students, faculty and staff to be vaccinated to prevent severe illness, hospitalization and death.”

She said Western has no plans to stop paying for the regular COVID testing required for unvaccinated Broncos.

Sehvilla Mann joined WMUK’s news team in January 2014 as a reporter on the local government and education beats. Before that she covered a variety of topics, including environmental issues, for Bloomington, Indiana NPR and PBS affiliates WFIU and WTIU. She’s also written and produced stories for the Pacifica Network and WYSO Public Radio in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Sehvilla holds a B.A. in French from Earlham College and an M.A. in journalism from Indiana University.
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