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Kalamazoo County's lawyer put the KGOP "on notice" in a stern letter earlier this year

By Republican Party (United States) -, Public Domain,

The county emphasized that the clerk had no role in an attempt to remove elected delegates, and warned the party not to say otherwise.

Infighting in the Kalamazoo GOP reached a crisis point in April. That's when the county chair, Kelly Sackett, attempted to dismiss 17 Republican delegates.

According to an April letter from Kalamazoo County corporate counsel to the KGOP’s lawyer, the clerk’s office received visits from delegates who said Sackett told them the county clerk signed off on their removal.

The letter from the county says the clerk’s office “had no role and shall have no role in the removal of any precinct delegates for any political party beyond the process provided for by state statute." The letter also warns the party not to misrepresent the clerk’s role.

Sackett’s attempted removal of the delegates led to a leadership crisis in the local party chapter that has not been settled.

In mid-September the state party chair, Kristina Karamo, wrote in an email to delegates that attempts to dismiss them violate party rules.

Party delegates are elected during primaries and serve two-year terms.

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