WestSouthwest: Congressman Fred Upton

Sep 11, 2013

Rally against implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Upton would like the entire law delayed for a year
Credit The Associated Press

Republican Representative Fred Upton says Congress has a "heavy plate" this fall. 

That includes a possible vote to authorize air strikes against Syria. Upton told WMUK's Gordon Evans and MLive Kalamazoo Reporter Yvonne Zipp that he was leaning against a vote to authorize military action at the time (the interview was recorded on September 5th). The Syria portion of the interview can be found here

Upton also discussed the farm bill, food stamps, health care and the U.S. financial system. 

The Saint Joseph Republican says some items on the agenda have to be dealt with in a relatively short amount of time. That includes a continuing budget resolution to keep the government operating and a vote to raise the debt ceiling. But Upton says Congress should have time to deal with other major issues, including immigration reform.