ISAAC Sets Kalamazoo Social Justice Goals

Oct 24, 2018

People at the 2012 ISAAC goal-setting summit conference
Credit Amy Peterson / ISAAC

A faith-based nonprofit group holds a summit on social justice issues in Kalamazoo on Thursday, October 25. The event is put on every two years by ISAAC, the Interfaith Strategy for Advocacy and Action in the Community.

This year, proposals will be presented that focus on affordable housing as well as fighting poverty and racism. ISAAC Vice-President for Communications Tobi Hanna-Davies says more than 500 people have attended the forums in previous years. Hanna-Davies says the group sets its agenda with care.

“We actually are changing things for the better. Past ISAAC Public Meetings have played a key role in the number of accomplishments that ISAAC and our community partners have achieved together,” Hanna-Davies says.

Those successful proposals include the addition of late night and Sunday bus service in the Kalamazoo area, the "Vote Yes for Kids" millage campaign, and a program for homeless people who seek care at hospital the emergency rooms.

“I’m excited about everything," Hanna-Davies says. "All three (ISAAC) task forces - anti-poverty, anti-racism, affordable housing - have very important proposals. If people can come Thursday to the ISAAC Public Meeting, they’ll get to see brief presentations that are interesting and lively, and the particular ways that ISAAC is advocating to address those issues.”

Doors open fpr the ISAAC Public Meeting at 6 p.m., October 25, at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Kalamazoo. The program starts at 6:45 p.m.

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