Jazz Age Dancing Adds Bounce To Civic's Gershwin Musical

Apr 30, 2015

Pedro Hogan stars in 'Crazy For You'
Credit kazoocivic.com

With Gershwin's timeless dance tunes and a fresh, funny story to tie them together, Crazy For You marked the reclaiming of the American musical from the Brits when it debuted in 1992. Crazy For You is director Ben Zylman's swan song as a staff member of the Kalamazoo Civic. But he plans to continue acting and directing for the community theater, which was established in 1929. 

Choreographer Kathryn Williams and Ben Zylman have known each other since sixth grade, and have worked together in dozens of Civic productions. Ms. Williams, a recipient of the Community Medal of Arts in 2011, says the relationship between choreographer and director is especially important in this production. The show's many dance numbers not only showcase movement and music, but move the story along as well. They credit co-choreographer, Emily Dugay, and music director Marie Kerstetter, as well as the enthusiasm of the cast and live orchestra, for preparing a worthy season-ending show.