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Mask Mandate Returns For WMU Buildings

Aug 4, 2021

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Rising cases of COVID-19 mean masks are required again inside all buildings at Western Michigan University.

The reinstatement of the mask mandate follows guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that masks should be worn in areas with high or substantial transmission rates of COVID-19. That includes Kalamazoo County.

The union representing Western’s faculty says vaccination against COVID should be required for anyone living, working or studying on campus. WMU’s chapter of the American Association of University Professors says a vaccine mandate is a public health matter and would help make Western an attractive option to students and their families.

The University of Michigan, Michigan State and Wayne State University are requiring students, faculty and staff to get the Corona virus vaccine, with some exceptions. Western is not mandating vaccination, but is offering incentives to get vaccinated.

The rising transmission rates have also caused Battle Creek City Commission meetings to go virtual again. The commission held an in person meeting Tuesday night at Battle Creek City Hall. But a news release says the decision to go back to virtual meetings is to protect employees and elected officials from COVID-19. Battle Creek city facilities remain open, however visitors are strongly encouraged to wear a mask.