New Program Help COVID-19 Workers And Restaurants

Apr 13, 2020

Feed the Fight Kalamazoo volunteer delivers meals to Bronson Methodist Hospital
Credit Bronson Healthcare Group

A new effort to help people fighting COVID-19 in Kalamazoo has begun. Feed the Fight Kalamazoo was started by Western Michigan University professor Sally Hadden. It's based on similar initiatives in Washington, DC, and North Carolina.

Co-organizer Jodi Michaels says it uses donated money to buy meals from local restaurants that volunteers deliver to feed healthcare workers and first responders. Deliveries began on Monday, April 13.

"The idea behind Feed the Fight Kalamazoo is that we can help support local businesses, local restaurants, while also supporting the front line in fighting COVID-19 by our healthcare and first-response community."

Michaels says several area restaurants are participating in the project, and organizers hope to add others. The meals will go to several places.

"We've partnered with providers in our community such as Bronson, Family Health Center, and the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, and we're speaking with others as well."

Restaurants have been struggling, and sometimes closing, because of the state order banning all but curbside takeout service. Even so, Michaels says restaurants have been donating meals to help "front line" workers like doctors, nurses, and police officers. She says Feed the Fight is just another step.

"This is to hopefully try to systematize and be able to catch lots of restaurants and lots of first-responders, and perhaps folks that we're not thinking of at this moment but that really are on the front line, and we'd love to get food to them as well."

You can go to Feed the Fight Kalamazoo's webpage to donate or volunteer.