black infant mortality

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Two community groups hope to start a conversation about infant mortality in Kalamazoo County. They're holding two public forums about the link between racism and the county's high death rate for black babies.

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Is it the "stigma" of getting mental health services that keeps more African-Americans from seeking them? Not entirely. Dr. Arthur James, one of two keynote speakers at the May 2nd Breaking the Stigma: African-American Mental Health Symposium, a new conference in Kalamazoo, cites access as a factor as well.

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A new conference exploring African-American mental health issues opens on Thursday, May 2 in Kalamazoo. Maternal and infant health expert Dr. Arthur James is one of the two keynote speakers at the daylong Breaking the Stigma: African-American Mental Health Symposium. He specializes in the role of race in health disparities, especially black infant mortality.

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The CEO of YWCA Kalamazoo says “In 30 years we don’t want to be talking about infant mortality in Kalamazoo.” Grace Lubwama says Cradle Kalamazoo will include a new hotline to help connect pregnant women to resources. 

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The board has also appointed seasoned public health official Jim Rutherford to lead its Health and Community Services Department.