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"Eastside Voices" Explores Kalamazoo Neighborhood's Heritage

Gordon Evans

A new project called “Eastside Voices” is exploring the history of Kalamazoo’s Eastside neighborhood through generational story-telling. 

The “Eastside Voices” project is collecting stories from current and former residents. Co-Artist Buddy Hannah says he got involved through Eastside Neighborhood Association Executive Director Pat Taylor.

“I liked the idea and thought it definitely would be something to collect stories and the history of the Eastside neighborhood, you know, it’s something that I think Eastside residents can be proud of and I think that it will be something that the community as a whole can be proud of.”

Hannah says storytelling project by the Eastside Neighborhood Association also helps give the neighborhood’s younger residents a voice.

“But I also think it’s good for the young people to learn the history about things and to interact with some of their elders, you know, because not only will they be interviewing other young people, they will be interviewing people that are old enough to be their grandfather or their great-grandfather.”

Hannah says the project teaches young people how to do audio and video interviews. If you have stories to share and want to join the “Eastside Voices” storytelling project, contact the Eastside Neighborhood Association.

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