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Conversations with creators and organizers of the arts scene in West Michigan, hosted by Cara Lieurance

Dance preview: "Tendrils: Spring Concert of Dance" by Wellspring/Cori Terry and Dancers

7 dancers pose in front of projection of green leaves in an image from "Tendrils: Spring Concert of Dance"
Kris Walker
An image from "Tendrils: Spring Concert of Dance"

Wellspring/Cori Terry and Dancers has joined forces with Aurora and Antheia, a female trio of instrumentalist/improvisers, to present "Tendrils: Spring Concert of Dance," running May 17-19 at the Wellspring Theatre. It grew out of a conversation between two Coris: choreographer/founder Cori Terry and multi-genre violinist Cori Somers, co-founder of The Clover Room. Their friendship developed with an earlier dance collaboration with The Red Sea Pedestrians in 2013.

Cori Somers, cellist Laurie Jarski and percussionist Carolyn Koebel began creating their own unique music as performer/coaches at an event Jarski created called Women Play Instruments On The Land. At WMUK with Cara Lieurance, the three musicians, along with Cori Terry and Wellspring's executive director Kate Yancho, talk about how the music, choreography, sets, costumes and lighting are coming together for this seasonally-inspired program of original dance and music. Somers, Jarski and Koebel take out their instruments and perform some of the music.

Performances are at 8 pm Friday and Saturday and at 2 pm Sunday. Wellspring/Cori Terry and Dancers has introduced pay-what-you-will and pay-it-forward pricing with this event. Detail are at

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