LHI Live: Musical Nomad Kjartan Code & Trio | WMUK

LHI Live: Musical Nomad Kjartan Code & Trio

Jun 15, 2018

Kjartan Code, Carolyn Koebel, and Bert Ebrite in the Takeda Studio at WMUK.
Credit Craig Freeman

Kjartan Code was raised in Kalamazoo, but for most of his twenties he has circled the globe, playing gypsy-style violin in street and festival settings. In a live performance at WMUK, with guitarist Bert Ebrite and percussionist Carolyn Koebel, Code talks to Craig Freeman about the demands of busking and the influence of the many cultures he's been immersed in on his music. 

Kjartan, Carolyn, and Bert
Credit Craig Freeman

Upcoming performances by Kjartan Code can be seen on his Facebook page. They include a dinner concert on June 30th at Ebrite's Studio, 1501 Fulford St., Kalamazoo, served by Chef Paul Parrish (of Principle restaurant).