WSW: KPS Superintendent Well Prepared For "Big Job" At The State Level

May 12, 2019

Credit WMUK

When Kalamazoo Schools Superintendent Michael Rice takes on the job of State Superintendent he will tasked with the job of improving education in the state. Western Michigan University Professor of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology Brett Geier says Rice is up to the challenge. 

Geier was a teacher, principal and Superintendent of Bloomingdale Public Schools, before he became a professor. He says Rice is very intelligent, a good listener and understands the challenges and dynamics of public education. Geier says Rice will be a champion and advocate for marginalized student populations.

Geier says the state Superintendent should work to make sure that laws affecting schools are practical. He says it’s important that the state Superintendent and the Board of Education understand how local school districts have to implement laws passed by the state.

WMUK's WestSouthwest Brief with Brett Geier

As Superintendent of Kalamazoo Schools, Rice worked to keep two of the district’s schools open after the state announced plans to close them due to poor performance. Geier says that indicates that as state Superintendent Rice will lead a fair and balanced approach to evaluating schools. Geier says Rice is also willing to provide schools assistance to become better.