State Capitol - file photo. Photo by Cheyna Roth, Michigan Public Radio Network
Cheyna Roth / Michigan Public Radio Network

Michigan Public Radio Network Reporter Cheyna Roth says the Michigan Supreme Court is likely to decide if changes made by the Legislature to voter initiated laws will stand.

Zoe Jackson / WMUK

Turnout for Tuesday’s election in Kalamazoo County increased dramatically over the last mid-term election four years ago. That resulted in more votes for Democrats on the ballot.

Voting sign outside polling place - file photo by Andrew Robins, WMUK
Andrew Robins / WMUK-FM

Michigan Campaign Finance Network Director Craig Mauger says record after record is falling as the numbers come in for this year’s political spending, and the final figures won’t be known until January.


John Bizon says his constituents are asking about roads, auto no-fault insurance and health care. The Republican state Representative is now running for state Senate.

Gordon Evans / WMUK

Mark Ludwig says government transparency isn’t as sexy as other issues. But the Democratic candidate in the state House district which includes most of Allegan County calls it the “key to unlocking the rest of it.”