Kalamazoo Singers, Children's Chorus Under One Roof For Rutter Mass

Apr 30, 2015

The sanctuary at First United Methodist Church, Kalamazoo
Credit Chad Boorsma

A major work by English composer John Rutter, his Mass Of The Children, will unite the Kalamazoo Singers and the Kalamazoo Children's Chorus this Sunday at First United Methodist Church. Conductors Rick Phelps (Kalamazoo Singers) and Fred Sang (Kalamazoo Children's Chorus) will also lead each others' ensembles in various choral works. 

Mr. Phelps and Mr. Sang talk about the Mass Of The Children and how it was written after a long period of silence from the composer, John Rutter, following the death of his son. The piece evokes peacefulness rather than tragedy, according to Mr. Phelps.