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Al Tyler is not usually a night owl, but he became one for a few weeks in 2016. Tyler is the head of facilities management at the Kalamazoo Public Schools. KPS wanted to test its buildings’ water sources for lead contamination.

DEQ Testing Wells In Otsego

Aug 9, 2018
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Environmental officials held an open house Wednesday evening to respond to health concerns within the Otsego community. 

Bottled water is distributed in Parchment due to high levels of PFAS - file photo
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The Executive Director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters says state lawmakers should try to get to the bottom of why a report showing the dangers of PFASes wasn’t released to the public for nearly six years.

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A handful of wells in the City of Kalamazoo’s municipal water system have detectable levels of chemicals in the PFAS family, but none of those sources comes close to the federal recommended limit, according to the Department of Environmental Quality, and the city says the water is safe to drink.

Tests showed that a few wells contained PFASs for which the Environmental Protection Agency has not set a recommended limit.

File photo of a community meeting regarding PFAS contamination in Richland Township
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Health and Environmental officials held a town hall meeting in Richland Township Tuesday night to update citizens on PFAS contamination found in local wells.  Following the recent discovery of PFAS levels over the federal recommended limit near the former Production Plated Plastics site, the Department of Environmental Quality is testing 25 more wells east of the site.