'Let's Hear It' is WMUK's new local showcase, hosted by Cara Lieurance

May 31, 2013

On Let's Hear It, it's my intention to create a place to stop by nearly every weeknight at 8 pm to hear your musician friends play their music. 

Host Cara Lieurance

From classical to jazz, folk to world music, players both local and international are celebrated on Let's Hear It. The show features intimate sessions in WMUK's Yoshimi Takeda performance studio and live concerts from regional venues. It tracks across the week at 8 pm Tuesday through Friday, so make it your habit to tune in to see who you know, and what they're playing! Maybe it's a concert you missed, or a newly-written song that's getting its first airing. Maybe you'll hear a conversation that breaks open the mysteries of music a little more.

These performances are one-of-a-kind and most are not available for downloading or later listening, so be sure to have your dial set to WMUK at 8 pm weeknights, Tuesday through Friday. 

If you yourself are a musician who enjoys the show, and thinks one of your projects would make a nice addition to the broadcast, then let's talk. Email is best: cara.lieurance@wmich.edu