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Brian K. Powers, courtesy of Encore Magazine

Marie Lee, editor of Encore Magazine, says the December issue is one of her favorites, because it features staff photographer Brian K. Powers' "best of the rest" portfolio -- standout images that didn't make it into the publication in the past 11 months. In an interview with Cara Lieurance, Lee talks about prepping stories on a new Battle Creek brewery, the Southwest Michigan Postcard Club, a profile on Kalamazoo Bach Festival executive director Cori Somers, and more.

Brian K. Powers, courtesy of Encore Magazine

They're free to pick up throughout the Kalamazoo region, but the issues of Encore Magazine that appear each month are produced with a lot of behind-the-scenes care and planning. Cara Lieurance speaks to editor Marie Lee about the major stories in November's edition. They also discuss Lee's vision for the magazine as an editor, the importance of local journalism and arts coverage, and Lee describes her desk area, which is covered in hand-written notes and printouts.

Downtown Kalamazoo Mall - file photo from WMUK

PlazaCorp’s work can be seen throughout Kalamazoo. Writer Ben Lando says “you see their work everywhere…cranes, and orange cones.” He wrote about some of their projects for the January issue of Encore Magazine.

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Writer Ben Lando says he wanted to focus on three key developments in Kalamazoo “that I thought personally were cool” and give a snap shot of what developer PlazaCorp is doing in the city. Lando’s article  Building Skyscapers and Saving History appears in the January edition of Encore Magazine. 

PlazaCorp is involved in several high profile projects in Kalamazoo. Lando says in addition to big new structures like the Exchange Building in downtown Kalamazoo, the company has also redeveloped several properties around the city.

Courtesy of Encore Magazine

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